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Birds of Aruba

I have already written about the bird seen here in a prior post. The bananaquit, also known as the “Sugar Thief,”is perhaps Aruba’s most popular bird. These bold creatures (pictured at left) are easy to spot because they will practically eat out of your …

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Mio Wifi For Your Aruba Vacation

Mio Wifi For Your Aruba Vacation? It’s not often that I give a product endorsement, but I will make an exception for the Mio Wifi portable WiFi device.  Just for the record, I receive no benefit from Mio to endorse this product. The reason …

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Philip’s Animal Garden

Two weeks ago I took a break from the sun and sea to visit Philip’s Animal Garden, which is located near the Alto Vista Chapel.  I had read about this animal rescue operation and looked forward to checking it out. There weren’t many visitors …

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