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Aruba’s Aloe Vera Industry

Aloe Vera was introduced to the island of Aruba in 1840, but it did not become a major money making crop until 1890.  That was when Cornelius Eman founded Aruba Aloe Balm, NV.  Under his direction, the Aloe industry grew to be of major importance to Aruba’s economy. At one time, two thirds of Aruba’s surface was covered with Aloe Vera plants, and Aruba became the largest exporter of Aloe products.

Aloe has been used worldwide for more than 3500 years for its purported healing powers. Aloe Vera, or “true aloe” in Latin, is considered the most potent and beneficial of the many aloe species. Cleopatra is one of the earliest documented proponents of Aloe Vera, using it to protect her skin from the sun.

There have been all sorts of claims made about the health benefits of Aloe Vera in its different forms. This site contains a lot of information, including the following possible uses of Aloe Vera:

  1. May help sooth skin injured by burns, irritations, cuts and insect bites.
  2. May help moisturize and soften the skin.
  3. May help speed the healing of skin wounds, burns and other injuries.
  4. May help (when taken internally)with constipation, diarrhea and other intestinal problems.
  5. May speed and improve general healing when taken internally.
  6. May relieve itching and swelling of irritated skin.
  7. May help kill fungus and bacteria.
  8. May improve the effectiveness of sun screen products.

What makes Aruba’s Aloe Vera so special? According to’s web site, “the fierce southern Caribbean sun and Aruba’s desert environment intensify the plant’s natural healing qualities and produces the earth’s most potent aloe gel to revitalize skin and help repair skin damage.”

The Eman family is of major importance to Aruba’s history for more than Aruba Aloe Balm, NV.  Henny Eman, who took over management of the company in 1984, became Aruba’s first Prime Minister in 1986.

You can take a free tour of the factory and museum, which is located not far from Eagle Beach.

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    I´m the owner of a company wich has a product named Aloe Fill, this product is a refreshing beverage made with Aloe Vera. My company is ubicated in Colombia and this product is imported from China, I´m looking for other options to import the product from and I can see that Aruba has an important industry in Aloe Vera, I wonder if it´s possible to get more information about compañies that are able to produco this beverage so can become a client or Aruba´s finest industry. Thank´s for your time.

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