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Aruba’s English Language Newspapers

The newspaper industry is dying, except in Aruba. There are now more English daily newspapers being published on the island than in most major U.S. cities. Here’s the list I came up with as of today, along with a few of my observations:

  • Aruba Today- Aruba Today is clearly a newspaper for tourists, with a few “real” local Aruba news stories a day, and the rest of the paper filled with advertising, U.S., and international news. There are also “news” stories that are actually paid advertisements for restaurants, resorts, or real estate developments.  I do enjoy reading the paper while on the Island. It has a decent U.S. sports section. The website contains the entire daily paper with an archive of past issues.
  • Amigoe English Edition-Amigoe is one of the real Aruba newspapers, published in Papiamento. The reason I included it here is that the web site has an English translation of the daily paper. This is a great source of actual news, as opposed to the fluff you will find in the other papers. However, not all the articles are available in English,and the web site is a little quirky. Also, the news is from throughout the Netherlands Antilles, not just Aruba.
  • The Morning News– The Morning News is a new English language newspaper on the island, having just started publishing in March of this year. This paper is staffed by former employees of The News, Aruba’s first English language newspaper. That newspaper went bankrupt in October of 2009. According to its webs site, The Morning News was “born as a continuance of an idea that recognized the value of providing Arubans and visitors a better insight of what Aruba is all about.”  Like Aruba today, it publishes touristy pieces and U.S. and international news and sports. But, there are also more local news articles that seem to give English language readers a little more of a sense of the real Aruba, warts and all.
  • Aruba Daily– Aruba Daily is another new English language newspaper. In fact, it is so new, the web site link I included above hasn’t really been fully launched. The newspaper itself, though, is an ambitious project, with a tourist targeted audience. It has a similar real news/fluff mix ratio as Aruba Today,  but it’s got a lot more of everything. There’s a complete business section with stock market quotes, a daily crossword puzzle, a great deal of U.S. and international news. It features an extensive sports page and even an entertainment section, where I unfortunately learned about Lindsey Lohan’s latest antics.  Still, I quickly included this paper in my daily reading pile during my last trip.
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