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Birds of Aruba

I have already written about the bird seen here in a prior post. The bananaquit, also known as the “Sugar Thief,”is perhaps Aruba’s most popular bird. These bold creatures (pictured at left) are easy to spot because they will practically eat out of your hand if you offer fruit, but even a casual bird-watcher is likely to see an extraordinary variety of other colorful birds during a visit to the island.







Two of my favorites are the Bare -Eyed Pigeon and the Venezuelan Troupial.  The Bare -Eyed Pigeon (below) looked to me, at first glance, like a giant mutant Mourning Dove. It is a very large bird, with a distinctive ring around its eyes that look like goggles. I saw many of them grazing right outside my timeshare patio.










The Venezuelan Troupial (below) is a striking, very beautiful orange and black bird, which to my untrained eye looked like a large Oriole. I saw a few of these birds right outside my window, and then began noticing them all over the island.








Serious birders should visit the Birds of Aruba website before your visit. You can collect information on the species you are likely to spot, and the best places for finding the birds. Not surprisingly, Arikok National Park is a great place to view many of the birds that can be found in Aruba. Even if you have no interest in birds (which is unlikely if you’re still reading this post) I recommend a visit to the National Park. Click the link above for more information.

The Bubali Bird Sanctuary, as you might expect, is another bird watching “hotspot” on the island. There is an observation tower located near the Old Dutch Windmill. The “Birds of Aruba” site has more detailed travel directions and a list of birds you are likely to see.


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