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Lizards Of Aruba

It won’t take long to spot one of these guys on the island of Aruba. They’re about as common as squirrels in the U.S.A., but much more fun. This is an iguana, but you can spot lots of other types of lizards without too much difficulty.  Aruba is the exclusive home to half the world’s known lizard species.  You can rent an ATV and explore the nooks and crannies of  Arikok National Park in search of rare specimens. For the less adventurous, just relax by the beach or pool and wait for one to find you. They will, but don’t worry. It’s the old story-they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.  Up close these creatures look intimidating and downright pre-historic.  A few years back I accidentally grabbed a big iguana’s back while reaching for a green beach towel. I was startled, but luckily he took it in stride.

The little girl in this video knows how to  make friends with the locals. I don’t recommend this, but that kid is brave. The parents, on the other hand, need their heads examined:

The most common Aruban lizard is the Aruban Whiptail Lizard(Cnemidophorus Arubensis for those who care). Often visitors mistakenly assume this critter is a baby iguana.  The one pictured here is a male. You can tell by his turquoise blue coloring and white spots. The females are brown.

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