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Mio Wifi For Your Aruba Vacation

Mio Wifi For Your Aruba Vacation? It’s not often that I give a product endorsement, but I will make an exception for the Mio Wifi portable WiFi device.  Just for the record, I receive no benefit from Mio to endorse this product.

The reason I am so impressed? I just spent two weeks in Aruba enjoying the best, least expensive WiFi experience I’ve had on the island. Usually, I wind up hunched over in a crowded internet cafe, fighting slow connections, broken terminals, and impatient fellow tourists waiting for me to finish. I also usually wind up spending well over a hundred bucks for the experience.

This time, things were different. I got a tip from my hotel’s front desk about the Mio portable Wifi device. I drove over to the Mio store. which is located behind La Cabana in the new Super Food Center.  The very helpful attendant explained to me the deal. The upshot? For about $75, I bought the router and loaded it with 7.5 gigs, which was the premium package pro-rated for half a month’s service.

I was amazed by the performance The device will accommodate 4 or 5 devices at a time, which was important, since we had four devices: 2 smartphones, a Mac laptop, and an Ipad. The Wifi worked flawlessly on all the devices. The literature states that the devices must be within 6 meters of the mio, but we found that the actual coverage was far better.

The best part is that we can use up our unused data on our next trip to Aruba, and next year I will only need to pay for the data, since I now own the router. Of course, the network you create is password protected, which gave me some extra peace of mind.

For more information, visit the Mio website.

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