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Moving to Aruba?

Moving to Aruba? We’ve found some great (and not so great) online resources  to help you plan. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • – This very large site is run by the Aruba Tourism Authority. It has lots of information, including a good forum for those living in Aruba, working in Aruba, or planning a move.
  • Expatify–  This web site’s tag line is “Inspiring Expatriotism”, and with good reason.
  • EscapeArtist– You need to look through their Netherlands Antilles section to find topics specific to Aruba. This is a very large site, with lots of information for expats and expats to be.
  • Aruba Real – I wouldn’t expect to include a real estate site in this post, but there’s a nice page here that contains information on work permits, visas, and tourism.
  • – This page isn’t great. There’s not a lot here. I included it, though, because it does provide a few insights you may not find elsewhere.
  • – This site has a forum section named “Moving to Aruba/Living on Aruba” that contains a few discussions about relocating to Aruba.   There isn’t much info here yet, but you never know when a forum like this might blossom into a valuable resource.
  • – This site’s tagline is “catch the wave to offshore living.” They have a page dedicated to Aruba. Again, not a lot of content, but you might find something interesting.
  • Allo’ Expat –  This looks like it might be a good site some day. In theory, this page could be a treasure trove for potential Aruba residents. The reality? Each link seems to contain this message:  “Sorry, we’re upgrading our contents thus please allow us sometimes to get the jobs done.” The forum isn’t much better.
  • Lincoln D. Gomez – This is the website of an Aruban attorney. I have directly linked to a blog post from a few years back about Aruba work permits. However, the rest of his site also contains some useful information, so you might want to look around.
  • – I’m reluctant to include this site because it just seems to be a link farm. If you dig around some, though, you might find something useful. Good luck.
  • expats.startkabel – This site is in Dutch, but it’s worth your time even if you don’t speak the language. I used google translate. Go to the Aruba expat pages and hunt around. There’s a lot here.
  • ABM Aruba – This company has created a wonderful online brochure  about purchasing a home in Aruba. They discuss residency laws, financing, permitting, etc. A must read for anyone buying a home in Aruba.
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