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Aruba’s Ostrich Farm

Here’s a photo from my recent trip to Aruba’s Ostrich Farm. Ostriches are not native to Aruba, but the climate is perfect for these large birds. I didn’t know what to expect when my buddy suggested we pay a visit, but we had a …

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Aruba’s Aloe Vera Industry

Aloe Vera was introduced to the island of Aruba in 1840, but it did not become a major money making crop until 1890.  That was when Cornelius Eman founded Aruba Aloe Balm, NV.  Under his direction, the Aloe industry grew to be of major …

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A Few Good Aruba Beach Reads, Part 1:”An Island Away”

When travelling to Aruba I always bring along enough reading material to see me through my visit, but I still like to search the island for a good book with some local Aruban flavor. Since I can only speak and read English, my choices …

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