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Aruba’s National Anthem

Padu For those who might be interested, Aruba’s national anthem is called Aruba Dushi Tera. It was co-written by famous Aruban musical legends “Padu” (Juan Chabaya Lampe) and Rufo Wever. Padu wrote the music, and Rufo Wever wrote the lyrics in 1954.  However, it …

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Aruba’s Cunucu Dog

The wild dogs you see romping around the island of Aruba are known as Cunucu dogs. The Papiamento word “Cunucu” can roughly be translated (and I’m no expert) as “countryside”, or “of the countryside”, so the cunucu dog is really the generic dog of …

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Aruba’s Boa Constrictor Crisis

Let me say up front that I’ve never seen a Boa Constrictor during any of my trips to Aruba, or any other snake, for that matter. Be that as it may, there is apparently an alarming increase in the number of Boa Constrictors on …

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