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The Hooiberg, Aruba’s Volcano

The Hooiberg is probably one of the first things you’ll notice when your plane lands in Aruba.  Not because this “mountain” is so tall(541 ft.), but because the rest of the island is so flat. Hooiberg is a Dutch word meaning Haystack. One look …

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Aruba’s Arikok National Park

Aruba’s Arikok National Park was formally established in 2000, though plans for the park began to take shape in the late 1960’s. The park comprises 18% of Aruba’s land mass,  totaling  32 square kilometers.  My experience in the park consists only of unguided ATV …

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Aruba International Film Festival

In only its second year, the Aruba International Film Festival is becoming a very big deal. According to a post on Celebrities attending the event will include 50 Cent, Jonathan Demme, Kim Cattrall, Michael Kaplan, and Milcho Manchevski. The festival is scheduled to open …

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