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Trouble At Aruba’s Foxy Lady

Aruba’s Foxy Lady is in trouble. Far from the beaches and all inclusive resorts there is a much less publicized, though very popular tourist attraction on the island of Aruba. That would be the city of San Nicolas. As I have mentioned in a …

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Aruba’s Water Desalination Program

For a desert island, Aruba has plenty of drinking water. The water is clean and delicious. That’s because Aruba has been desalinating sea water since 1932. Up until that time, drinking water was scarce, especially during prolonged periods without rain. In the 1920’s people …

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Aruba’s Beautiful Native Tongue: Papiamento

I wish I could speak Papiamento. I took Spanish in school for eight years without gaining any real fluency, so the odds of me picking up Aruba’s native tongue in my lifetime are pretty long. I love hearing people speak it. Even a linguistic …

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