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Aruba’s Tanki Flip Region

During a recent trip to Aruba, I met a couple who were building a home in the Totolica Residences in the Tanki Flip area of Aruba. They intend to sell their home in Southern California and retire to Aruba.  As I recall, they have …

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Aruba’s Medical Schools

What could be better than a vacation in Aruba? Well, how about going to medical school there? Aruba has two medical schools: All Saints University of Medicine and Xavier University School Of Medicine. These schools are located in downtown Oranjestad, and therefore neither school has the …

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Aruba Cell Phone Carriers

When I visited Aruba this past August, I wanted to have a way to be in contact with family and work by phone, but I didn’t relish spending the bucks on my U.S. carrier’s international plan. It would have cost me a few dollars …

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