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Philip’s Animal Garden

Two weeks ago I took a break from the sun and sea to visit Philip’s Animal Garden, which is located near the Alto Vista Chapel.  I had read about this animal rescue operation and looked forward to checking it out.

There weren’t many visitors when we arrived, so Phillip himself gave us a more or less personalized tour.  Phillip is apparently a jack of all trades. He basically built the entire complex by himself, and he seems to be primarily responsible for the care and feeding of the many animals he keeps.

I was a little taken aback initially, since the primary focus of the tour seemed to be his detailed description of a horse’s incredibly disgusting penis infection, which he described in detail. He offered to show my 11-year-old daughter and I enlarged, color photos of the care and treatment of this infection, but we passed.

As you might imagine by now, Philip is a unique guy with a bit of an offbeat personality. That being said, his commitment to the animals is amazing. He receives little outside funding, and relies on his own money and donations.

I highly recommend taking a break from the beach to pay a visit to Philip’s Animal Garden. It’s worth the trip. Visit the website for information on hours of operation, admission fees, and directions.

There are a few other places on the island which may be of interest to animal lovers, such as the Ostrich Farm and the Donkey Sanctuary.


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