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Trouble At Aruba’s Foxy Lady

Aruba’s Foxy Lady is in trouble. Far from the beaches and all inclusive resorts there is a much less publicized, though very popular tourist attraction on the island of Aruba. That would be the city of San Nicolas. As I have mentioned in a prior post, prostitution is legal in Aruba, and most of the activity is based in San Nicolaas. To learn more about the scene, read this post from Go 2 Aruba.

San Nicolas has a reputation as a seedy but basically safe town where one could go to have a good time. That perception may now be changing. In August the Government announced a cleanup campaign to combat the increasing squalor, drug use and vagrancy.

Now, there are more problems. The Foxy Lady strip club was raided by The Organized Crime Section of the Royal Military Police. The investigation is based on allegations of human rights violations committed by management of the club against the dancers. The term “human trafficking” was used by investigators to describe the supposed practice of bringing girls to the island under false pretenses, forcing them to work, and restricting their freedom. Check out this post on Scared Monkeys for more information, including quotes from the Aruba newspaper Amigoe. Please be sure to sift through the hyperbole, though. The article is far from objective.

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